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run ScanDisk on my computer

How do I run ScanDisk on my computer?

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Computers are essential gear in our everyday lives, but they can come across various problems over time. One not unusual hassle is disk mistakes, which could cause records corruption and gradual performance. To save you these issues, it is critical to run ScanDisk, a built-in software in Windows, and a similar tool on macOS. In this text, we will explore the way to run ScanDisk for your computer, why it is essential, and some pointers to make the system clean and effective.

What is ScanDisk?

ScanDisk is a disk utility program designed to test and repair mistakes to your pc’s hard drive or strong-nation power (SSD). It’s a precious tool for retaining your device’s normal fitness via figuring out and resolving disk-related issues.

Why Run ScanDisk?

Running ScanDisk is critical for several reasons:

Prevent Data Loss: It facilitates preventing statistics loss by way of identifying and repairing disk errors that might lead to report corruption.

Boost Performance: Regular scans can improve your pc’s performance by way of resolving disk-related bottlenecks.

Extend Drive Lifespan: Detecting and fixing errors early can extend the lifespan of your garage drive.

Maintain System Stability: It facilitates ensuring your running gadget remains strong and responsive.

How to Access ScanDisk

Accessing ScanDisk on a Windows computer is an honest system. Here’s how you could do it:

Open File Explorer: Press the Windows + E keys concurrently or click at the File Explorer icon for your taskbar.

Navigate to This PC: In the left sidebar, find and click on “This PC.”

Select the Drive: Right-click on at the pressure you need to scan (typically C: to your system drive).

Choose Properties: In the context menu, pick out “Properties.”

Access Tools: In the Properties window, go to the “Tools” tab.

Run ScanDisk: Under the “Error-checking” phase, click on the “Check” button.

Running Basic ScanDisk

The fundamental ScanDisk scan will begin, and Windows will attempt to restore any mistakes it reveals. This process might also take some time, so be an affected person. Once it’s accomplished, you may obtain a record of the results.

Advanced ScanDisk Options

If you want more control over the ScanDisk manner, you can get entry to superior alternatives:

Scheduled Scans: Set up scheduled scans for automated renovation.

Scan and Attempt Recovery of Bad Sectors: Check for and repair horrific sectors for your power.

Check Only: Run a test without trying any maintenance.

To get admission to those alternatives, comply with the steps cited above and click at the “Advanced” button.

Interpreting ScanDisk Results

After running ScanDisk, you may acquire a record with the scan results. It will either verify that no mistakes had been discovered, or it will list the mistakes that were found and whether they had been constant. Understanding these consequences is vital for figuring out the fitness of your power.

Running ScanDisk on macOS

Mac users have a comparable utility known as “Disk Utility” to check and restore disk errors. Here’s how to use it:

Open Disk Utility: You can locate it inside the “Utilities” folder in the “Applications” folder.

Select the Drive: In the left sidebar, click on the drive you want to test.

Click “First Aid”: At the top of the window, click on “First Aid.”

Run First Aid: Click the “Run” button to begin the test.

Tips for a Successful ScanDisk

To ensure a successful ScanDisk process, take into account these recommendations:

Backup Your Data: Before strolling any disk restore device, make sure to return up your critical information.

Close Unnecessary Programs: Close all walking packages to save you interference with the scan.

Patience is Key: Scanning and repairing disk mistakes can take time, so be patient and permit the method to complete.

Regular Scans: Perform normal scans to catch and attach problems early.

Frequency of Running ScanDisk

How frequently should you run ScanDisk? It depends on your laptop usage and the way critical your records are. However, acting a primary scan every few months and an extra thorough experiment once a year is a superb exercise.

Alternative Disk Repair Tools

While ScanDisk is a valuable device, there are alternative disk restore utilities to be had. Some famous options encompass:

CHKDSK: A command-line utility in Windows with comparable functions to ScanDisk.

Third-Party Software: There are 1/3-celebration disk restore equipment with advanced functions, but they often come at a price.

Common ScanDisk Issues

Sometimes, users come upon troubles while going for walks ScanDisk, inclusive of:

Stuck Scans: Scans getting stuck at a selected degree.

Unfixed Errors: ScanDisk not able to restore sure errors.

System Crashes: Rarely, jogging ScanDisk may additionally cause device crashes.

If you encounter those issues, recollect seeking assistance from an expert or the use of alternative disk repair gear.

Benefits of Regular Disk Maintenance

Maintaining your laptop’s disk fitness thru equipment like ScanDisk gives several advantages:

Enhanced Performance: Faster and extra dependable device overall performance.

Data Security: Reduced hazard of data loss due to disk errors.

Prolonged Lifespan: Longer existence for your storage pressure, saving you money in the long run.

Peace of Mind: Confidence that your device is running easily.


In conclusion, going for walks ScanDisk or a similar disk software in your computer is critical for preserving its health and performance. Regular scans can save you statistics loss, improve machine balance, and prolong the lifespan of your storage power. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can make sure that your computer stays in pinnacle circumstances.


How lengthy does a ScanDisk test typically take?

The duration of a ScanDisk test varies depending on the size and fitness of your pressure. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to numerous hours.

Can I use ScanDisk on external tough drives or USB flash drives?

Yes, you can use ScanDisk on external drives as nicely to check for errors and restore them.

Do I want to run ScanDisk on an SSD?

While SSDs are greater resilient to a few forms of mistakes, it’s nonetheless a terrific exercise to run occasional scans to ensure their health.

What must I do if ScanDisk cannot repair a detected error?

If ScanDisk cannot repair any blunders, do not forget searching for expert help or using superior disk restore gear.

Is it secure to run ScanDisk on my pc while I’m using it for other obligations?

It’s quality to run ScanDisk when your pc isn’t in use, as different obligations can also intrude with the scan and its effectiveness.

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