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Obtain an International Driving License in Ethiopia

How to Obtain an International Driving License in Ethiopia?

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Traveling abroad is an exciting experience, and for many Ethiopians, it is becoming increasingly more common. Whether you are planning a leisurely street trip in another country or need to drive for business purposes, having an international driving license is crucial. In this manual, we can discover how you may gain a global riding license in Ethiopia, ensuring you are well-organized in your worldwide adventures.

What is an International Driving License?

An international driving license, often known as an international driving force allow (IDP), is an authentic report that allows you to force a motor vehicle legally in overseas international locations. It serves as a translation of your home driver’s license into more than one language and is diagnosed via most nations worldwide. This report affords proof that you are a valid and skilled motive force in your private home in the United states of america, making it less complicated for you to drive internationally.

Why Do You Need an International Driving License in Ethiopia?

If you are thinking why you will need a global riding license whilst you have already got a valid Ethiopian driver’s license, it’s important to understand that not all countries take delivery of domestic licenses from overseas visitors. A worldwide driving license is often required by the overseas government as evidence of your driving skills and eligibility to operate a car.

In addition, having an international using license can be useful in case of emergencies or unexpected situations at the same time as journeying. It acts as a universally accepted identity document and let you keep away from potential criminal problems while overseas.

Requirements for Obtaining an International Driving License

Before applying for an global driving license in Ethiopia, you ought to meet particular criteria:

Age and Driving Experience: Generally, you should be at least 18 years antique and feature a legitimate Ethiopian driving force’s license.

Necessary Documents and Forms: Prepare the required documents, such as your authentic Ethiopian driver’s license, a replica of your passport, visa, and a passport-sized image. You’ll also need to complete an application form.

The Application Process

Obtaining an international driving license in Ethiopia involves a straightforward utility procedure. Here are the stairs to comply with:

Collect Required Documents: Gather all the vital documents noted above.

Visit an Authorized Agency: Locate a certified organisation that problems global driving licenses. These groups are generally affiliated with global vehicle associations.

Submit Your Application: Present your documents and alertness form to the agency. Pay the desired fee for processing.

Photograph and Verification: You might be photographed, and your details could be established through the business enterprise.

Wait for Processing: The organization will man your application, and once accepted, you will receive your international using license.

Fees and Processing Time

The cost of obtaining a global riding license in Ethiopia varies depending on the enterprise. On average, it may cost a little between ETB 500 to ETB 1,000. The processing time is fantastically short and might vary from some hours to more than one day.

Driving Tests and Examinations

In most instances, you no longer need to take additional driving checks or examinations to acquire a worldwide using license in Ethiopia. The license is primarily based on your present Ethiopian driving force’s license.

Validity and Renewal

A worldwide driving license usually has a validity period of 365 days from the date of issue. It’s essential to note that this document isn’t always renewable. Once it expires, you will need to use a brand new one following the same method.

International Driving License Agencies in Ethiopia

To acquire an global driving license, you ought to go to a certified enterprise. Here is a list of some businesses in Ethiopia:

Ethiopian Automobile Association

Location: Addis Ababa

Contact: Website

Addis Car Club

Location: Addis Ababa

Contact: Website

Ethiopian Drivers’ Union

Location: Addis Ababa

Contact: Website

Tips for Safe International Driving

When driving overseas together with your international driving license, recollect the following recommendations:

Familiarize yourself with local site visitors legal guidelines and rules.

Be privy to cultural differences in driving etiquette.

Always convey your worldwide license and unique passport.

Drive cautiously, in particular in surprising territories.

Stay updated with road conditions and climate forecasts.


Obtaining an worldwide driving license in Ethiopia is a truthful manner that may appreciably beautify your journey experience. It guarantees that you may be forced legally in overseas countries and provides you with a critical shape of identity. Whether you’re planning a vacation or a business journey overseas, take the essential steps to stable your worldwide driving license and drive with self belief.


Is a global using license mandatory for all countries?

No, it depends on the USA you propose to go to. It’s beneficial to check the unique necessities of your destination.

Can I follow for an international using license if I’m a new driver in Ethiopia?

No, you need to have a legitimate Ethiopian driving force’s license with some driving revel in.

Is the international license software method the equal for all groups in Ethiopia?

While the general method is similar, fees and processing times may vary among distinct corporations.

Can I apply for any form of vehicle with an international driving license?

The kinds of vehicles you may power with an international driving license may additionally vary by country. Check nearby rules for details.

What must I do if my global driving license expires at the same time as I’m overseas?

You’ll need to return to Ethiopia to use for a new one as worldwide driving licenses aren’t renewable.

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